Myths Concerning Cleaning Of The Carpets Dispelled--- Why It Is Always Good To Have Cleaned Carpets In Our Homes

Over the years there are lots of misconceptions concerning carpets and their modes of cleaning. With modern technology these popular myths do not apply at all.

First Myth: There is need to keep the carpet un-cleaned for long period since frequent cleaning may make it fade and makes it dirty faster. This may be untrue since when the carpet contains dirt you end up stepping on it and making the dirt stick more. If one has dirty carpet there are high chances of replacements than having cleaned carpets. The vacuuming done on daily basis may also not be in position to eliminate the grease and this will just increase its wear and tear.

Second Myth: There is always the need to have the carpet cleaned when it is perceived to be dirty

This is not true since we wear clothes and we tend to wash them later. This trait must be applicable in carpet cleaning Ellicott City MD since the carpets are prone to dirt from all corners such as air, exhaust, fungi and bacteria and these may be toxic over time. The dirt on your shoes, body, clothes may find itself on to the carpets and if we breathe it directly may cause allergic body reactions.

Third Myth: The cleaning procedures do bring about similar results

We Have Two Types Of Methods That We Use In Cleaning And Drying Of The Carpets:

1)Dry clean: this method involves use of a cloth and there is use of dry chemicals and any other dry compound.  The carpet is applied shampoo and let to dry, additionally there is vacuuming and the foam is removed as well as dirt particles. This is one old procedure that may leave dirt particles lying under the carpets. There is use of a machine in dry cleaning of the carpets and the cloth is used to rub dirt particles. This may not be the best method to make the entire carpet clean when compared to deep penetration cleaning that uses water.

2)The steam cleaning methods that use hot water. This is one method that involves the heating of water in order to clean the carpets. The water also needs to be highly pressured so that the dirt under the fibers may be completely removed. This is one deep cleaning procedure that involves pumping of moisture inside the carpets to be able to remove all soil residues and make the carpets completely clean. Most carpet manufacturers do prefer clients to use hot water cleaning since this may never damage carpet fibers. However this also is one of the myths since people associate cleaning of the carpet to be similar as cleaning of dishes, bathing and doing of laundry.

Fourth Myth: The best value has to be of lowest cost

We need to know the approximate costs and the services that 

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